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Invisalign Teen

Teen Invisalign

Invisalign teen is a great option that Invisalign offers for teenagers. We all know that no one wants to be a metal mouth in school, therefore, Invisalign for teenagers is a great option to pass on the wire brackets and colorful rubber bands. Invisalign braces for teens help maintain confidence by distracting others from even realizing you have braces on! The clear, plastic, removable retainers can easily be lost if not cared for properly, so Invisalign teen offers up to 6 replacement aligners for free. 

Invisalign Teen Houston treatment at Clear is by far the best choice for your teen. Most Invisalign teen offices increase the price, knowing that teenagers can be more irresponsible than adults. At Clear, Invisalign for teenagers is encouraged to all Invisalign teen candidates, and it is offered at an affordable cost of $3,500, which never changes. We believe Invisalign braces for teens helps your teen gain many life lessons and our doctors will be there to encourage responsibility and compliancy with treatment along the way.